Small French walnut cakes, flavoured with "beurre noisette" litteraly hazelnut butter, usually baked in a small mold.Light and moist with a crisp, eggshell-like exterior, the traditional financier also contains egg whites, flour, and powdered sugar. The molds are usually small rectangular loaves similar in size to petits fours.


Originally made by the Visitandine order of nuns in the 17th century, the financier was popularized in the nineteenth century.[6] The name financier is said to derive from the traditional rectangular mold, which resembles a bar of gold. According to another tradition, the cake became popular in the financial district of Paris surrounding the Paris stock exchange, as the cake could easily be stored in the pocket for long periods without being damaged.

Walnut Financiers

  • - roasted powdered walnuts

    - icing sugar

    - flour

    - white eggs

    - a loooooooot of butter

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