Spice bread or gingerbread, french pain d'épices, is a 1000 years olds recipe. I guess it evolved througt times. Perfect snack for children and adults, for breakfast, afternoon tea, for atheles for the energy it brings without refined sugar. And so damn good when toasted to eat with foie gras.
Around 300g - 10 oz - 0.62 lb
13 cm length 

- dark rye flour (farine de seigle)
- wheat flour (farine de blé)
- brown sugar (sucre de canne)
- honey
- rum
- cinnamon
- nutmeg
- star anise
- cloves
- cardamom
- black pepper
- dried clementine peel
- salt
- baking powder
- bicarbonate of soda

Honey & 8 spices bread - Pain d’épices

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